UK‘s only AI based Invoice Processing Application

  • Creates huge benefits in the accounts payable function
  • Supports HMRC‘s Making Tax Digital programme
  • Twice as effective as non-AI systems

  Reduces effort by 90% by removing Manual Processes and Workarounds

  • Processes invoices automatically and creates a digital record
  • Processes invoices of any type, from any source such as emails or invoice apps
  • Integrates into your existing payment or accounting systems
  • Processes each invoice as it is arrives so that a backlog does not build up

  Increases the diligence in Managing Exceptions, Financial Controls and Fraud Detection

  • AI extracts up to 25 fields from each invoice with 99% accuracy
  • Allows accounts staff to focus on cash management and not data entry tasks
  • Simplifies the procedures used for internal and third party financial audits

  Easy to get going with the Service on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • No installation is required as it is run on Microsoft Azure
  • Built on PCI and Cyber Security compliant Microsoft Systems
  • Implementation adjusted to your specific requirements